TV Trays

TV Trays are something that everyone can use around their home because everyone uses a table now and then. These trays can be used in every room of the home as a quick way to be able to set things down on and use. Customizing these trays are simple and there are many ways to do so.

First, find out what design the person would like on the top of the TV Trays they will be using. One of the coolest ways to use one of these trays is a way to use a laptop without setting it on the couch or lap. When people use a laptop they will want it to be comfortable which is why using TV Trays is a great idea. Buy a portable laptop desk that has a cushioned surface on top and a cardboard surface on the bottom. Make sure that the cardboard surface will cover the entire surface of the tray. Next, glue on the laptop desk with wood glue, this will help the two surfaces to stick together. After this is done, have the person test it out to make sure it is comfy.

Another great use for TV Trays is for children. Children love to play games and draw so why not make a tray into an activity station. Find a chalk board that will fit onto the tray, and also find some Velcro tape. Put Velcro tape on the underside of the chalkboard and on the top side of the table. This way the child can use the tray for more then one thing. Velcro the box that the chalk comes in right under the lip of the tray. This will give the child easy access and a way to always know where the chalk will be.

Everyone likes to have TV Trays that are customizes just for them, and they make great gifts. Find out what the person likes that the gift is for. Next, simply buy sticker paper and print the design onto the paper. Painting a design onto the tray is a great idea as well, and this will really make it one of a kind. Make sure that the paint used will stay on there for a long time,or use some sort of sealing agent to seal the paint so it will not chip off.

These types of trays can be made out of many objects, and it is a great way to make an old piece of furniture into something useful. Find a old table that is small enough to be used as a tray. Next sand it down and repaint it so that it looks brand new. Customize it by adding stickers or objects to it that will make life easier. It is a good idea to always have a few of these trays around encase company comes over, or the family wants to eat and watch television at the same time.

These trays make great gifts because everyone will find a use for them. TV trays that fold up and store away are great to have because they do not take up much room. These types of furniture are great because they have many uses such as; using them for a laptop desk, a children's play station, or just to eat off of. There are many unique ways to make one of these pieces of furniture, and they will last for many years to come. Make one of these trays for each member of the family, and customize them so everyone will feel special. These trays are a great way to bring the entire family together because they can be used in a variety of ways.